Zalagerszeg and its urban landscape

Zalagerszeg is a city located within the Hungarian region of Western Transdanubia, towards the western area of the country and in the County of Zala, of which it is capital. This city is often chosen as the preferred destination among many tourists who wish to be surrounded by amazing landscapes and enjoy attractive natural spots during a vacation in Hungary.

According to experts on the subject, Zalagerszeg has been inhabited since as long ago as the Upper Paleolithic times. This is affirmed by archaeologists and historians due to the fact that some archaeological excavations have brought to the light discoveries that offer strong evidences of such fact. Besides this, it is also known that this city also was home of a Celtic settlement as well.

The first official mention to Zalagerszeg as a town dates from middles of the 13th century, around the year 1247. Documents from that époque mention this town with the name of Egerscug, and other documents from around the year 1295 talk about it giving it the name of Egerszeg. It is interesting to know that the Hungarian term “zeg” can be translated as “point of union” and this city is located next to a point where two rivers meet.

During the 14th century, this town was the largest and one of the most important ones of the western region of Hungary. During that century, and for two decades, it was honored to be a Royal Town, and during that period of time an important stone church was constructed in it.

During beginnings of the 20th century, Zalagerszeg went through a very prosperous period in which several important constructions were built. Between the year 1920 and the year 1930, this town received a fire department office, a synagogue of Baroque style, a new post office, the Monastery of Notre Dame Order, a railway station, and police headquarters. Towards middles of the 20th century, the urban landscape of Zalagerszeg went through a new stage, when an important textile factory was built and new railway lines were added, having as a consequence an important growth of the population.

Map of Zalagerszeg in Hungary