Platanos – a modern village in the Dodecanese

Platanos is one of the most modern villages in the Dodecanese. Despite of this characteristic, this village has also managed to maintain most of its traditions and antique constructions unchanged, in such a way that it is a very unique and peculiar destination which offers a wide variety of activities suitable for all preferences and ages.

The village of Platanos is located at about 10 kilometers from the town of Kissamos, in the island of Leros, and counts with a population of about 1000 inhabitants. This village is characterized by having an important amount of trees, flowers, and plants, in such a way that its name, Platanos, seems to be very appropriated and representative.

When visiting Platanos, tourists can enjoy a wide variety of activities which might include from drinking a cup of tea while being in a tranquil cafe to going out at night and have fun at a nightclub. This way, no matter what a visitor’s age or preferences are, he will surely be able to have a great time while being in this town.

The landscapes of Platanos are often considered by visitors as one of the main attractions of this town. This village counts with a variety of different sights due to its strategic location, next to the Mount Marathokambos and the Mount Kerkes as well as next to the sea. This beautiful natural environment is perfect for walking around and meeting the town with its several attractions.

The best time of the year to visit Platanos is from the last weeks of spring to the first weeks of autumn, although in the high season of summer it might tend to be crowded sometimes. It is interesting to know that, the other two main cities of Leros are located so close to Platanos that tourists can walk from one to the other, being this a very recommendable activity since it allows them to enjoy the natural environment and many interesting spots that they could find on the way much better than if they go by car or in any other vehicle.

Map of Platanos in Greece