The harbor town of Phry

Phry is the capital town and port of the island of Kassos. This town can be found towards the northern area of the island, and has a population of around 300 people, which is a little more than the 30% of the islands’ population. This destination is characterized by having beautiful natural sceneries and landscapes and being very tranquil most of the year, although during August, in high summer season, it often tends to be crowded by visitors.

The origins of the port town of Phry, also known as Fri or Free, can be traced back to the year 1840, when a group of people from some nearby villages decided to settle in this spot. Since then, and through the last two centuries, this town has maintained its traditions and appearance as well as it counts with almost the same amount of inhabitants it had when it started, being this way a very charming and picturesque destination which tourists should never miss when visiting the island of Kassos.

Besides its beautiful and unique natural landscapes, there also are several other interesting spots to visit while being in the town of Phry. One of these places is the Museum of Phry, where visitors can meet unique antique objects, some of them dating from the times Phry was born, as well as they can also learn interesting facts about the history of the town.

Other place tourists might find interesting to meet during their visit to Phry is the Mansion of Minakoulis, an interesting antique construction that is related to many interesting anecdotes that are part of the town’s past. Besides this, while being in this destination visitors should also try to meet the Church of Agios Spyridon, built in the 19th century, the town’s main fountain, and the Municipal Library.

In general, the town of Phry shows a very picturesque appearance, composed by traditional constructions and charming square houses with attractive houses and flower pots. Walking around or renting a bike could be one of the best activities a tourist could chose for a sunny day at Phry.

Map of Phry in Greece