The beautiful Pontevedra

The city of Ponevedra is located within the region of Galicia, towards the north western area of Spain. This city is the capital of the province of Pontevedra, a very beautiful and interesting area which tourists should try to visit while being in this region of the country.

An important part of the economy in the city of Pontevedra is based on the activity of fishing and the commerce of this and other products facilitated by its port. This way, this spot counts on a antique tradition based on fishing and the activity provided by the coast lines.

One of the main attractions tourists can meet in the city of Pontevedra is the Old Quarter. The Old Quarter of Pontevedra is a very peculiar and charming spot where visitors can observe beautiful squares, picturesque streets and houses as well as a very interesting main museum, the Provincial Museum of Pontevedra.

The Provincial Museum of Pontevedra is not only among the main attractions in this town, but in the entire region of Galicia as well. This museum exhibits an important amount of European paintings created between the 16th and the º8th centuries as well as a variety of other objects such as, per example, medieval art pieces.

The Church of Santa María la Mayor, one of the most interesting churches in Galicia is located in this city. This interesting church of clear Gothic style was built by Pontevedra’s sailors and is without any doubt one of the major attractions in the town and is considered to be among the most traditional and iconic constructions in it as well.

There are other towns spread throughout the province of Pontevedra, such as per example O Grove, Illa de A Toxa, and Bajona. The town of O Grove is widely known due to the sea food it offers. Illa de A Toxa offers medicinal waters of therapeutically properties which attract people from all over the world. Bajona has a very interesting fortress, known as the Fortress of Montreal, as well as several other attractions such as, per example, the Festival of the arrival which takes place each 1st of March recreating the Renaissance.

Map of Pontevedra in Spain