The charming Tui

Tui is a small charming town located within the south western area of Galicia, in the Province of Pontevedra. Some of the first historical facts of this town can be found towards the Visigoth period, when it was called Tude and was part of the Kingdom of Gallaecia.

The border of the town of Tui can be found near the Rio Miño or the River Miño, providing it with a very interesting and charming environment. The city of Tui, also spelled Tuy, is one of the most appealing spots in the region of Galicia, although it also is often overlooked, but is, without any doubt, a very attractive place to visit while being in this area of the country.

One of the most interesting spots visitors can meet in Tui is its Cathedral. The Cathedral of Tui is a very impressing antique construction which can be found located towards the town’s hill. This Cathedral was built in the 12th century, following some similar style guidelines from the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, in such a way that it shows an interesting Romanesque structure mixed with some Gothic elements.

By visiting the Cathedral of Tui, tourists could enjoy not only its exterior, but some elements and objects exhibited in its interior as well. The Cathedral of Tui exhibits a variety of antique religious objects, as well as several art work pieces and other art related elements from different historic periods.

There are several other interesting constructions and spots spread within Tui. One of these constructions is the Church of San Bartolomeo de Rebordanes. This church is the most antique religious construction in Tui, and therefore contains several interesting structural elements and characteristics as well as a peculiar overall appearance.

Other interesting place tourists can visit while being in Tui is the Chapel of San Telmo. This Chapel was designed and built by Fray Mateo during the 18th century. Near this chapel, tourists could also visit the Diocesan Museum, an interesting construction which exhibits a variety of unique objects in its interior such as art work pieces and elements related to the town’s past.

Map of Tui in Spain