Visiting Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is among the most antique, famous and beautiful destinations in Spain, and a World Heritage Site since 1993. This city is world wide known due to the antique pilgrimage route known as El Camino de Santiago, which has attracted pilgrims for centuries, and still to the date, many of them can be seen walking its way.

The name of this city, Santiago de Compostela, is very symbolic and has been given some different interpretations. One of the main interpretations this name has received says that “Santiago” was added in honor to Santum Iacubus, while “Compostela” owes origin to the Latin expression of “Campus Stellae” meaning field of stars.

One interesting fact to know about Santiago de Compostela is that it is home of the oldest hotel of the world, called El Hostal dos Reis Católicos. This clearly shows the way this town has been connected with tourism and pilgrims from antique époques, in such a way that it is always prepared for receiving visitors.

Although it has constructions from a variety of époques, an important amount of Santiago de Compostela’s buildings show a clear Baroque and Romanesque style. The Galician Baroque style was actually born in this area, and nowadays, tourists who visit this town can observe some of the most interesting constructions in not only such style but several others as well.

El Camino de Santiago, also known as The Way of St James, attracts visitors to this city in a constant basis. Santiago de Compostela and its antique Cathedral are the spot which those who walk by the Way of St James aim to reach. This way, every year, a great amount of people walks from Roncevalles to Santiago de Compostela and once they reach the Cathedral, their pilgrimage is over.

Santiago de Compostela’s weather shows a high percentage of humidity all year around. During winter time, the climate offers important rains and cold temperatures. During summer time, the climate is very humid and the temperatures rise during day although they tend to be lower during nights. Summer time is among the preferred times tourists chose for visiting this city and its surroundings, although they can also find very nice days during spring and autumn.

Map of Santiago de Compostela in Spain