Puigcerdà – in the valley of River Segre

Puigcerdà is one of the biggest towns in the Pyrenees and one of the most visited, not only by tourists but by people from the region as well.

Recidential buildings in Puigcerdà in Spain.

The town, situated in the Valley of River Segre, offers a very beautiful natural environment along with a culture full of traditions and peculiarities.

Post war constructions Puigcerdà

Many of the constructions of the town of Puigcerdà were destroyed during the Civil War and rebuilt after it. This way, while walking around tourists could observe a similar type and style of constructions, mainly Alpine like, which predominates throughout the entire town and which is explained by the fact that they were built during the same time after the war.

A transportation hub

The inhabitants of this region of Spain often visit Puigcerdà in order to travel to another spot, since this town offers several train lines and bused with many different destinations in a constant basis. This way, this spot can be seen as an interesting destination to explore as well as a departure spot from which to decide which next town to meet.

Train station in Puigcerdà, Spain with mountins in the background.
Train station

The Festa del Estany

One of the most interesting moments to visit Puigcerdà is during the last weeks of August, when the Festa del Estany is held. The Festa del Estany consits on a variety f activities, such as folkloric dances and music, parades, concerts, and fireworks among others. This is one of the main festivities in the town and the surroundings.

The Festivitat de la Verge

Another good time to visit Puigcerdà is in September, when another important festivity is held in this town. This festivity held in September is known as the Festivitat de la Verge de la Sagristia and concentrates an important amount of local people in the main square who usually dance and sing.

Outdoor activities in Puigcerdà

There are several ways to meet Puigcerdà and its natural beauty. Tourists who enjoy walking could easily reach a variety of beautiful spots, but they also count with the chance of renting a bike or riding a horse, which is a very peculiar and interesting option.

Panoramic view of Puigcerdà Lake with the town of Puigcerdà, Spain in the background.
Puigcerdà Lake

This town has a horse back riding club which teaches people hot to ride a horse and offers guided excursions for those adventurous tourists who wish to meet the town in a different way.

Map of Puigcerdà in Spain