Samothraki, the Thracian Samos

Samothraki is the southernmost destination in which tourists could have a vacation in Greece when going to the region known as the north eastern Aegean Islands. The name of this island, Samothraki or Samothrace, has remained unchanged through the pass of time and can be translated as the Thracian Samos.

The island of Samothraki has a population of approximately 2350 inhabitants who live in a territory of around 180 km2. Besides this, it might be interesting to know that the source of income of most of its inhabitants is mainly based on tourism and fishing, the two main economical activities of Samothraki.

According to the experts, the first inhabitants of Samothraki were the Thracians, the Carians and the Pelasgians. Next in the history of this island, an important event took place during the 8th century BC when the Greeks arrived and started ruling it, naming it Samos of Thrace after its inhabitants.

Experts also affirm that in pre Hellenic times, the island of Samothraki was an important religious place known as the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, being where many important religious ceremonies and festivities would take place. But besides this, this island did not count with any other kind of popularity or interest due to the fact that it doesn’t have an important harbor and therefore it wasn’t attractive from the point of view of military strategy.

One of the most attractive spots visitors can meet in Samothraki is the old city known as Palaeopoli. This old city has several remains and ruins from ancient constructions, such as parts of the building built to honor it as a Sanctuary of the Great Gods, and a large number of walls and other buildings of Cyclopean architecture. Besides this, this island also has several other attractions such as appealing waterfalls, forts, and the statue of the Winged Victory of Samothraki.

Other of the main places tourists should not miss in Samothraki is Kamariotissa. Kamariotissa is a very attractive port town located towards the north western coast and from which visitors can travel to several other locations, such as, for example, Kavala, Alexandropouli, and many spots in the northern area of Greece.

Map of Samothraki in Greece