The quiet and pacific Schinousa

Schinousa is one of the most quiet and tranquil destinations a tourist could find in the Greek Cyclades archipelago. This island is ideal for those visitors who are looking for a relaxing vacation rather than a destination offering a wide range of activities and night life. While being in Schinousa, visitors can hardly see traffic or important amounts of traffic, and the entire life style in the island shows a very relaxed peace.

Despite of its tranquil atmosphere, Schinousa offers tourists the chance to enjoy some beautiful beaches. These beaches count with the plus of not being so crowded as many other beaches in other Cycladic destinations, and therefore, this place can be paradisiacal to tourists who wish to escape from every day stress and city traffic. Those visitors who wish to be able to go to a pacific beach during the day and sleep without traffic noise during the night would surely be able to have a great time in this destination.

The inhabitants of Schinousa are used to live following a relaxed peace which accompanies the rest of the island’s style. Rushes, hurries, and stress can’t be found in this destination, and if you wish to spend energies, go out at night, or be able to chose among a variety of activities, this might not be the best option you could make.

It is also interesting to know that most locals at Schinousa do not speak English or any other foreign languages, a fact which is part of the typical and traditional appearance and environment a tourist could meet in this island. This island is very charming and counts with small typical Cycladic villages in which the hurries and stress of the big city’s modern life haven’t arrived.

Schinousa’s history is very interesting and counts with several appealing facts which were accumulated for centuries since this island’s first inhabitants date from as long ago as the 10th century BC. Despite of its antiquity, this island still doesn’t count with enough archaeological evidence as to tell as much about its past as it could be possible.

Map of Schinousa in Greece