Thirasia – A small beautiful island

Thirasia, located within the Greek archipelago of Cyclades, is a small and beautiful spot which offers some attractions that differ from those offered by other nearby destinations. Most of the coastlines of this island is surrounded by high rock formations, and climbing them on a mule is part of the exciting things tourists should do during their visit.

From the top of the rocky hills of Thirasia, tourists can enjoy amazing views on the island and its surroundings. This is a distinctive of this island, since most tourists say that from the moment they start climbing these hills up on a mule to the moment they reach the top, it is a quite unique and very exciting experience.

After climbing the rocky hills in Thirasia, visitors could find a charming village in which they could relax after the adventure. This town offers the picturesque appearance of a typical Greek village, with a few tavernas offering some great traditional dishes and drinks. This village and its tavernas are a very good reasons for climbing up the hill, besides than the fun this activity implies as well.

Thirasia is inhabited by about 270 people who live within a territory of around 9 km2. The main village of this destination is called Manolas and is situated on the caldera, the first settlement tourists reach after climbing up the rocky hills. The small size and small amount of inhabitants this island has is part of its charm and uniqueness.

Thirasia was part of Santorini until the year 235 BC, when a great eruption separated them, turning it into an exotic rocky island. Nowadays, it offers many beautiful landscapes and amazing natural spots almost unchanged by humans, despite of the fact that it is constantly receiving important amounts of tourists.

Nearby the island of Thirasia, there are some volcanic islets still active and which can be visited on an excursion from this destination as well as from other nearby ones. Among the most visited of these islands, we can name, for example, Naea Kameni and Palia Kameni both of them receiving excursions on regular basis.

Map of Thirasia in Greec