Spain and its geography

Spain is located within the southwestern European region known as the Iberian Peninsula, sharing it with Portugal. This country borders with France, Andorra and the Pyrenees, and counting with 208.000 square miles has third largest territory of its continent. The geographical characteristics of this country are very attractive and interesting as well as unique and varied.

The great extension of territory this country comprehends contains many different areas and landscapes. There are areas showing great mountains as well as regions full of green sights or other showing beautiful beaches. This way, Spain offers a rich contrast of landscapes and areas, allowing its visitors to meet a variety of different spots and sights while traveling through it.

Mountains offer some of the most interesting geographical characteristics of this country. There are five main chains of mountains throughout the territory of Spain, some of them of important heights and some other rather low, offering a variety of different environments and landscapes from which to choose. Many mountainous areas show beautiful and charming villages which are very attractive and peculiar since many times still conserve most of the characteristics they had centuries ago when the were origin.

The coasts of Spain offer other of the country’s main attractions. Spain coasts are mainly comprehended between the Pyrenees and Gibraltar along the Mediterranean Sea and in the west of the country at the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the beaches of Spain are among the most attractive ones of the continent and constantly attract tourists from around the world. Within these areas, there are many different coastlines and a wide range of beaches where visitors can opt between many different activities related to the sea, from sunbathing and swimming to diving and sailing.

While traveling throughout this country, visitors could enjoy all an amazing variety of different landscapes. Some areas provide sights which show a beautiful white beach mixing with crystalline blue waters, some other areas provide sights with fertile land extensions and great mountains, and some other spots would even combine these different landscapes and allow visitors to enjoy a beautiful beach and relax while observing a background full of mountains and green extensions.