Spanish cathedrals and churches

Spanish Cathedrals and churches can be one of the best ways of meeting some typical architectural Spanish styles. There is a great amount and variety of cathedrals and churches spread within this country, and those tourists who wish to learn about the typical architectonic styles of different époques should not miss meeting them.

Sevilla, for example, has several different churches and cathedrals of different styles and appearances. Among these churches and cathedrals there are some which might show a typical Gothic style, other which might show a typical Renaissance style, and others a purely Baroque style. One of the most interesting churches in Sevilla is the Iglesia de San Marcos or San Marcos church. This church was built in the XIV century and shows some typical elements from the Gothic style as well as a Baroque portal.

The Church of San Pedro is another one of the most interesting religious constructions tourists could meet while being in Sevilla. This church shows many structural and architectural elements typical from the Gothic style. This construction also offer several interesting peculiarities and unique ornaments which could not be find at any other place.

The Iglesia de Santa Catalina or Santa Catalina’s Church is another interesting religious construction in Sevilla. This church was built in the XIV century and shows many characteristics typical from the époque in which it was built. The Iglesia de San Pedro or Church of San Pedro, is another construction from the XIV century located within Sevilla which tourists could meet. Visitors should also visit the Convento Santa Ana, built in the XV century, is still home of a group of nuns and shows a very interesting architectural style.

The Spanish region of Menorca also has several interesting Churches and Cathedrals to meet. One of the main churches tourists could visit while being in this area is the Saint Francesco Church. This church shows a unique Baroque facade combined with some typical Gothic elements located within the interior of the building. The Ciutadella Cathedral is one of the most peculiar religious buildings of this area. This Cathedral was built in the XIII century and, although it was highly damaged by a fire in the XVI century, it still contains many of its original features.