The history of Spanish art

Spain has been home of many amazing artists and without any doubt, it is a country very rich in art and cultural expression forms, and through the different periods of history, it has had a great impact in the way the rest of the world has approached this discipline. Spanish art has had a major role in Renaissance art, Baroque art, art from the XVIII century, art from the XX century, and Modern art.

Between the XVI and XVII centuries, during the art related period known as Renaissance, Spain has been home of many amazing artists and the creation of famous art work pieces. Among the main Spanish artists of this period there is El Greco or The Greek, who was not born in Spain but spent most of its artistic life in it. Some of the main art work pieces created by El Greco are the Adoration of the Shepherds and View of Toledo.

During the Baroque art period, Spain was home of one of the main artists of this époque, Diego Velasquez, world wide know through his paintings. Diego Velasques worked for the monarchy as well as by many other particular demands along with a great amount of paintings he would spontaneously create. Among this artist’s main paintings there is the famous Las Mininas, or The Maids of Honor, and the Juan de Pareja painted for the monarchs.

Within the XVIII century, Spain had many amazing artists creating several unique art work pieces. Among the main Spanish artists of this époque, if not the main, is Goya. Goya created many incredible paintings which have amazed their spectators through centuries. Among the main art work pieces of Goya there is The Parasol, from 1777, and The Clothed Maja, from endings of the XVIII century.

During the XX century, Spain has also had many amazing artists within its territory, either they were born in it or lived in it while creating their art work pieces. The main artist of this period who must be named is Pablo Picasso. From Spain, Picasso had a major impact and influence on arts and artists from all around the world, being among the most important artists of all times. Picasso has created a great amount of paintings, among which we could name, for example, the famous Guernica.