Spili – a natural destination

Spili is one of the most attractive destinations tourists could find in Crete when they are looking for beautiful natural environments. This destination is located at about 30 kilometers to the south of Rethymno, and combines an outstanding natural landscape with a very attractive traditional town in a very unique and interesting way.

The town of Spili is located within the central area of Crete, and its main and most attractive natural element is provided by the Mount Vorizi. This way, while walking around and meeting the charming narrow streets of Spili, tourists can see this impressive mount in the background, turning their visit into a very particular experience.

Another of the most characteristic elements of Spili is its central fountain. There is a beautiful Venetian fountain located at the central area of this town which counts with 19 stone lions splashing water into the fountains base. This fountain and its square is a perfect starting point for meeting the rest of the town, as well as a great place for meeting with friends or relaxing after a long walk.

Visiting Spili from any point in Crete can be very easy due to the fact that the main route of buses of the island goes through this town, allowing visitors to arrive from a wide variety of other spots. This way, this town is used to receive an important amount of visitors in a constant basis, many of whom imply say for the day while many others star for a longer period of time, enjoying Spili’s mornings, afternoons and nights. This destination offers several accommodation options suitable to a wide range of preferences in such a way that most tourists would surely find something suitable to their needs.

Due to its natural beauty and charming, Spili has been the muse of a variety of photographers, painters, writers, and many other artists. One of the best times to visit Spili is during spring time, when visitors can see the nature at its most beautiful moment, and this destination is carpeted by colorful flowers as well as surrounded by green trees and plants.

Map of Spili in Greece