The interesting Targu Mures

Targu Mures is a very interesting and attractive city located within Transylvania, in Romania. This city is the economical, cultural and administrative center of the Mures County and is a spot which all those tourists who wish to meet antique constructions, cultural institutions, and appealing entertainment related spots should not miss during a vacation in Romania.

The city of Targu Mures has approximately 150,000 inhabitants, most of whom are Romanian and Hungarian. It might be interesting to know that in previous decades, this city was inhabited by a majority of Hungarians, fact that started changing in the last decades when important amounts of Romanians settled in it.

According to historians, Targu Mures was first documented as a city around the year 1330, when it was registered as Novum Forum Sicolorum. During the 15th century this city became consolidated, first by being given the right of organize its own fairs and then when it was declared a royal settlement by the King Corvinus.

Towards beginnings of the 17th century, Targu Mures was named to be a municipality and called Marosvasarhely, a term which has the same meaning as Targu Mures and makes reference to its important markets. Other important moment in the history of Targu Mures took place around the year 1755, when it was named home of the Court of Justice of Transylvania.

Between the 19th and beginnings of the 20th century, Targu Mures went through important changes and its overall appearance lost many of its traditional provincial characteristics. Despite of this, nowadays this city still offers a very charming environment as well as many antique constructions, and is a great choice for all those tourists who enjoy disciplines such as history, design, and architecture.

Among the main attractions offered by Targu Mures, we can name, for example, the National Theatre, the Cultural Palace and the Orthodox Cathedral. Each one of these constructions offers not only a very interesting architectonic structure but also a very appealing interior and a unique history, besides different events each one of them might host at different times, such as, for example, the famous operas often represented at the National Theatre.

Map of Targu Mures in Romania