The Upper Mures Valley

The Upper Mures Valley is a Romanian region part of the Mures County. This region is located towards the central eastern area of Transylvania, within the central area of the country, and is a very interesting destination which all those tourists who decide to spend a vacation in Romania in that area of the country should not miss.

This region of Romania count with a wide variety of tourist attractions, besides the beautiful environment it offers and which is, without nay doubt, one of its most remarkable characteristics. But besides this, the Upper Mures Valley offers several other attractions, such as, for example, one of the most important woodworking centers of Romania, an Ethnography Museum, an interesting fabric of musical instruments, and an antique church.

Near the Upper Mures Valley, tourists would be able to find several other charming spots and destinations, many of them full of traditions and antique constructions. Among these nearby towns and spots, we can name, for example, Ideciu Bai, Lunca Bradului, Suseni, Deda, and Brancovenesti. All these towns can be easily visited from the Upper Mures Valley due to the fact that are located at a short distance and tourists would often be able to find guided tours to them.

Other interesting place visitors can meet when going to the Upper Mures Valley is the city of Targu Mures, the administrative and cultural centre of the Mures County. This city is situated towards the southern side of the Mures River and counts with an important amount of attractions, such as many cultural institutions, galleries, museums, a mirrors hall, and theatres.

When visiting the administrative centre of the Upper Mures Valler, Targu Mures, tourists could also meet several unique antique constructions. One of these constructions is the Church of John the Baptist, the most famous religious building of Baroque style in that region of Mures. Besides that, visitors could also meet the Citadel Complex, the Lupa Capitolina, and several other interesting constructions, as well as enjoy the charming and picturesque environment that surrounds them, since this city has narrow streets bordered by attractive houses with flowers and green spots.