The Akrotiri Peninsula

The Peninsula of Akrotiri is located towards the eastern side of Chania, in Crete. This peninsula is also a municipality and is characterized by having a circular shape and being connected with Crete by just a causeway. This destination offers a variety of different landscapes and attractive spots, being ideal for those tourists who wish to relax as well as to those who wish to spend energies.

There are several interesting antique constructions spread throughout the territory of Akrotiri. Among the most attractive antique constructions visitors can find in this destination there are three monasteries. One of these monasteries, called Aghia Triada, was founded in the 17th century and later renovated by two monks. The other two monasteries are located nearby and, due to heir important size, the three of them can be easily seen from the distance.

Other interesting place visitors should not miss while being in the Akrotiri Peninsula is the Cave of Arkoudiotissa. The Cave of Arkoudiotissa, containing stalagmite, is said to be an important worship spot in ancient Greece. Besides this, the Ascetics used to live in this cave and other nearby ones, causing them to be surrounded by an environment of mystery. This cave is a must for all visitors who visit the Akrotiri Peninsula, and especially while going to the Monastery of Gouvernetos and the Monastery of Katholikon, since both of them are next to this attraction.

The Monastery of Gouvernetos is located at about 5 kilometers from what is known as Aghia Triada. This monastery is not only interesting by itself but also by its environment due to the fact that there are several other antique and appealing constructions around it. In this area, tourists would find several constructions similar to small fortresses as well as an impressive courtyard with a Church built in it.

The Monastery of Katholikon can be found towards the cliff, after the Cave of Arkoudiotissa. According to archaeologists and historians, this monastery was built as long ago as in the 5th century. This construction has a church built right over the rock in such a way that the rock face had to be deeply carved. Despite of the fact that this area of the Akrotiri Peninsula is abandoned, it is still very attractive from the point of view of architecture, archaeology, and history.

Map of the Akrotiri Peninsula in Greece