The antique and modern Malia

The town of Malia is very antique yet it is also very modern and ready to receive important amounts of tourism year around. This exciting destination has a great number of modern hotels, pubs, discos, international cuisine restaurants, and a wide variety of other facilities and entertainment related spots.

Malia is famous by its exciting nightlife and the energy that can be constantly felt while visiting it. This is not the ideal destination for those tourists who are looking for a peaceful spot but it is perfect for all those who wish to have fun and party at great pubs, discos and video bars.

The beaches of Malia are also counted among the major attractions offered by this destination. These beaches are very appealing and can be exciting for visitors who like being surrounded by people and wouldn’t care about crowds. Year around, and especially in high seasons, Malia’s beaches are usually crowded, just as the town itself, which is part of the attractive for most visitors who approach attracted by the town’s excitement and lively environment.

The first inhabitants of the town of Malia can be traced back to the Neolithic times, in 6000 BC. During its first centuries of life, this town was ruled by the Sarpedon Dynasty, a dynasty related to Minoa. One of the most famous antique constructions of which archaeologists could find evidence is the Palace of Malia. The Palace of Malia was built in 1900 BC after what it was destroyed around 1700 BC by a natural disaster, and then was rebuilt towards 1450 BC.

The first ruins of the Palace of Malia were discovered in 1915, when the archaeologist Chatzidakis was in charge of the first excavations in the area. The Palace was mainly built with local stones and had west, north, and central courts, a central altar, several royal apartments, water pools, a pillar crypt, and a royal throne room. Besides the palace, during these first excavations archaeologist also discovered several other evidences of Minoan settlements within this area, such as for example, a Minoan cemetery, and several constructions.

Map of Malia in Greece