The charming Rethymno

Rethymno is a charming Greek town situated in the prefecture of same name within Crete. The main source of income this town counts on is tourism, a factor which clearly shows the amount of visitors it attracts and therefore the great amount of attractions it offers.

The prefecture of Rethymno can be found between the prefecture of Heraklion and the prefecture of Chania, and besides the city of Rethymno, also counts with several other attractive villages and towns spread throughout its territory. Some of these villages and towns remain almost unchanged by tourism and still have many ancient constructions as well as its inhabitants keep alive many antique traditions.

One of the most attractive towns visitors can meet in the prefecture of Rethymno is Plakias. Plakias is a small fishing village built surrounding the coast line. The main beach of Plakias has an extension of about 1500 meters and offers clear warm waters and soft white sands, being without any doubt one of the most appealing spots in the town. Besides this, Plakias counts with almost any facility a tourist might need, from hotels, restaurants and cafes to traditional taverns.

Other appealing spot tourists should not miss while visiting Rethymno is Agia Galini. Agia Galini is a beautiful village located on the coast of Rethymno and next to a small charming bay, near the border with Heraklion. This town offers a variety of hotels and accommodations suitable to all preferences as well as a good number of shops, restaurants, cafes, and taverns. Despite of this wide offer of tourist commodities, this town conserves its unique personality and traditions, and is consider one of the most appealing spots in Rethymno.

The mountainous village of Anogia is also considered one of the most attractive spots in Rethymno. Anogia is one of the most unchanged and traditional towns that tourists could find not only in Rethymno but in all Crete as well. This village conserves many antique traditions, its own old dialect, and local customs, and offers a unique environment for visitors to walk around and enjoy it combined with an amazing natural landscape.

Map of Rethymno in Greece