The ancient Halki

Halki is a Greek island that is part of the Dodecanese archipelago and which counts with a very interesting history that can be traced back to the ancient Greece times. It might be interesting to know that the origins of its name, Halki, are believed to come from the Greek term halkos, which can be translated as “copper”.

One of the first spots tourists should visit while being in Halki is Chorio. Until the 19th century, Chorio was the most important city of Halki, and nowadays, its ruins are one of the most visited attractions of this island. Tourists can easily reach this spot by a 30 minutes walk or by a guided tour.

Other attraction visitors should not miss in Halki is the Castle of the Kights of St. John in Kastro. The Castle of the Kights of St. John is a medieval construction located in Chorio and which offers not only a very appealing architectural structure and a very interesting historical past but also, due to its strategic location, offers beautiful views on the surroundings.

The Monastery of St. John is other of the main attractions offered by the island of Halki, and one of the most peculiars as well. This monastery is located towards the western area of the island and offers the chance to not only meet a unique antique building but also even stay for the night at one of its rooms without needing to pay a fixed fee but by making a free donation.

Also, visitors should not leave Halki without having met the remains of the Temple of Apollo. It is interesting to know that most of the stones that used to be part of this construction were used for several other buildings, in such a way that, for example, the base of St. Nikolas’ Church Tower is made almost entirely from them. This church is other attractive spot tourists can visit while being in Halki, not only due to its architecture but also to the fact that it hosts a museum where visitors can learn interesting facts about the island and its history.