Arki – several destinations in one

Arki, in the Dodecanese archipelago is a peculiar destination which counts with the characteristic of having several different small islands. This destination is also very peculiar due to the fact that it has a population of only about 50 inhabitants, although tourists can find several facilities and rooms which should be booked in advance due to their reduced amount.

The islands of Arki are mainly composed by rocky and dry lands, with a few green spots and olive trees now and then. Besides this, the landscapes offered by Arki are also composed by some donkeys and goats among other animals who provide this destination with a unique extra charm which is often described with excitement by painters and photographers.

Despite of the fact that this islands are hardly inhabited, tourists can still find several attractions and entertaining places to visit. One of the places tourists should not miss is the ruins of the ancient acropolis. The ruins of the acropolis are located on the hill of the main island in a strategic position that would allow its inhabitants to watch the harbour.

Other attractive place visitors should not miss in Arki is the beach of Tiganakia. the beach of Tiganakia is considered to be the most beautiful in Arki and is therefore a must for every tourist who visits this part of the Dodecanese. Although this beach is small and rocky, it offers clear warm waters and is surrounded by a very beautiful natural scenery which causes to be ideal for a relaxing swim or sunbath.

Towards the end of the main island of Arki that is opposite to the beach of Tiganakia, visitors could find other interesting place known as the Italian Jail. The Italian Jail was used by the Italian army as a prison during World War II, and is therefore strongly attached to the history of not only the island but the entire world as well. Near this jail tourists could also find an interesting cave full of stalagmites and stalactites. It is recommended that visitors ask a local inhabitant for directions to this cave since it is surrounded by bushes and trees in such a way that is often very hard for people to find it.

Map of Arki in Greece