The beach of Gourna

Gourna is a very beautiful and large bay and beach located towards the western area of the island of Leros, in the Dodecanese archipelago. This is the largest sandy beach in the island of Leros as well as one of the largest and most attractive ones in the entire Dodecanese, being a perfect choice for all those who wish to sunbath and swim while being surrounded by an amazing landscape.

This spot is characterized by being very tranquil and quiet most of the year, being a perfect destination to all those who wish to relax and escape from the every day stress while being surrounded by a unique natural environment. Besides the beach itself, Gourna is surrounded by some forested areas and green spots as well as located nearby some mounts, allowing visitors to meet a variety of amazing landscapes while walking around.

The beach of Gourna has some peculiar areas in which the sand is black or dark green with clear blue waters. These spots with colored sands are among the most visited, and during high season, especially in August, they might tend to be crowded sometimes. This way, for all those who are seeking tranquility, it is recommendable to try to visit Gourna during the last weeks of spring or the first weeks of autumn, when the weather is still propitious but this destination is less crowded.

Besides Gourna, while being in Leros tourists could also meet several other attractive beaches, many of them at walking distance from the others. One of these beaches is Alinda, which despite of being in the area of Gourna, within the central area of the bay, is considered a beach of its own. Alinda counts with not only amazing sands and waters, but is also surrounded by several cafes and restaurants, and is one of the most popular spots in the island.

Other beach tourists should always try to visit while being in Gourna and its surroundings is the Panagies. The Panagies is located next to Alinda and might be a good choice for those who wish to avoid crowds, since most visitors rather the popular and nearby Alinda. Also, the beach of Kryfos has similar characteristics than Panagies and is located at walking distance from Alinda.