The castle of Sümeg

The town of Sümeg, located within the region of Central Transdanubia, towards the northern region of Hungary, is famous by its 270 meters tall castle as well as several other interesting constructions. This city is also considered to offer one of the best ways to reach Lake Balaton, and counts with many amazing landscapes and views which combine green areas with history related sceneries. Sümeg is must for all those tourists who, during a vacation in Hungary, wish to meet a spot that offers beautiful natural spots as well as interesting and antique constructions.

According to experts on the subject, Sümeg was born as a town as long ago as during the Neolithic times. Archaeologists who have conducted excavations in this area of Hungary have also discovered a Pale-Christian Basilica which has allowed them to infer that, since its Neolithic origins, this spot has been inhabited almost uninterruptedly.

Despite of the fact that there is strong evidence showing that Sümeg was inhabited since much earlier, the first official mention known in reference to it dates from the year 1292. Sümeg started becoming renowned in its region during the 16th century, especially after the Battle of Mohacs, since when it was over the bishopric settled in this town.

Without any doubt, the main attraction and most symbolic construction of Sümeg is its castle. The Castle of Sümeg has an impressive height and can be seen from very far. The construction date of this castle is uncertain and the first official mention to it known dates from the year 1282, when it was named in a letter as a fort. Nowadays, tourists who visit this construction would be able to meet several of its rooms as well as the Castle Museum, where they can learn interesting facts about it and observe several unique objects related to the history of the town.

Other interesting construction visitors can meet in Sümeg is the Episcopal Palace. The Episcopal Palace of Sümeg was built during the 18th century and shows a very interesting Baroque facade with many typical ornaments, being this way very representative of such style.

Map of Sümeg in Hungary