The Chain Bridge of Budapest

The Chain Bridge of Budapest is one of the most iconic elements of the city. This bridge is the first connection that ever existed between Buda and Pest, over the Danube River, and still nowadays is one of the most impressive suspension bridges of not only Hungary but all Europe as well. When visiting Budapest during their vacation in Hungary, this is without nay doubt one of the first attractions tourists would meet, since they might have it in front of their eyes before they are aware of it.

The Chain Bridge is also known as Szechenyl Landich or Bridge of Szechenyl, in honor to the Hungarian Count who leaded the project and asked two famous engineers to design and construct it. The design and construction of this building took over 10 years, and was officially opened in 1849.

The construction of the Chain Bridge has had an important impact in many different aspects of Buda and Pest’s lives. This bridge allowed a much easier economical exchange between both cities as well as a better social relationship, becoming a fundamental communication form between both sides. Besides this, in the year 1989 this bridge was chosen by Budapest citizens as the place to do a demonstration for independence and freedom, turning it since then into a very iconic spot that is seen as representative of the independence and liberty of the country.

The Chain Bridge has a length of 1230 feet or 375 meters and a width of 16 meters, and has been considered a great engineering achievement since it was built. It might also be interesting to know that this bridge has two pairs of lions located at its endings, but they were not part of the original design and were added around the year 1852.

When visiting the Chain Bridge of Budapest, at one end tourists would find the Adam Clark Square and the Zero Kilometer Stone. At the other end of the bridge, visitors would find the Roosevelt Square along with interesting spots such as the Academy of Sciences of Hungary and the Gresham Palace.

Street View from The Chain Bridge in Budapest