The Citadel of Budapest

The Citadel of Budapest is located on top of a hill and provides outstanding views on the surrounding Pilis Mountains and Buda Hills. This Citadel was built during middles of the 19th century by request of the Austrian Habsburgs and with the aim of counting with a strategic spot from which they could prevent the Hungarians to conquer their independence.

This Citadel has walls of a length of more than 200 meters, a height of more than 4 meters, and a thickness that at some parts of it reaches the 3 meters. After the Austrians left Budapest and the Citadel, the Hungarians demolishes part of the walls of this fortress, but most of it remained unchanged. This way, tourists who wish to visit this attraction during their vacation in Hungary would be able to meet it almost as it was when it was just built.

Not long after the Austriacs left the Citadel, it became inhabited by Hungarian soldiers. It was from this spot that these soldiers fought against German troops during World War II. As it can be seen, this construction is very interesting from the point of view of history, and therefore is very attractive to all those visitors who enjoy not only disciplines such as architecture or design but also those who enjoy history and sociology.

Tourists who wish to be able to have a good view over Budapest should not miss visiting the Citadel. From the Citadel, they could observe an amazing amount of different spots and places, such as, for example, the suburb of Taban, the Royal Palace, Castle Hill and its streets, the Elizabeth Bridge, the Petofi Bridge, the Lagymanyosi Bridge, the Margaret Bridgem the Chain Bridge, the Arpad Bridge, Francis Town, Joseph Town, the University of Technology, the district of Kelenfold, and the Island of Csepel.

It might be interesting to know that nowadays the Citadel is mainly used with tourist purposes. When visiting this construction, tourists would find a restaurant, different terraces over viewing the city, and even a hostel where the former barracks of the fortress used to be.

Street View from the Citadel of Budapest