The coast of Xerokambos

Xerokambos is a region of Crete located towards the south eastern coast of the island. This area counts with a few small villages and some beautiful beaches, being ideal for those tourists who are looking for a relaxed and pacific vacation. Visiting Xerokambos by car might be the best option, but tourists can also reach this destination by bus from other nearby spots, such as for example Ziros.

There are two main small villages located next to the main two beaches of Xerokambos. These two main beaches are characterized by being very tranquil since this area hardly ever receives a great amount of visitors, despite of the fact that it is very attractive and beautiful. This tranquility is one of the most attractive characteristics of Xerokambos, since combined with its beautiful beaches offer visitors a great destination for loosing stress and relaxing.

The beaches of Xerokambos offer clear warm waters and nice sands, being ideal for swimming as well as for a relaxed sunbath. Visitors can a few find taverns, cafes and restaurants near these two beaches as well as some other commodities. The distance between one beach and the other might require a vehicle or a long walk, and its recommendable to try to go to Xerokambos by car whenever is possible.

Xerokambos is at a distance of about 10 kilometers from Zakros and a few more kilometers from Ziros. These two other destinations are very attractive too, and tourists should try to visit the three of them while being in this area of Crete. The road that connects Zakros with Xerokambos is mostly un-surfaced, but travelers can enjoy attractive landscapes on their way, and the road that connects Ziros and Xerocambos is very enjoyable and surrounded by amazing sights.

Walking along Xerokambos coast can be a unique experience due to the peaceful environment that surrounds it and the amazing landscapes that can be enjoyed on the way. While walking along the coast, visitors could observe some gorges, caves, a small bay, and a beautiful natural environment hard to find at other destinations surrounded by such a peace like Xerokambos offers.