The Spinalonga Island and its history

The Spinalonga Island is situated within Crete, in an area neighboring with the village of Elounda. The Spinalonga Island is often known as a stronghold and fortress due to its constructions and history, and is said to be the most famous and renown island in all Crete.

The Island of Spinalonga is small and rocky and its main attractive is born from its fortress and history. Besides this, it also offers attractive landscapes and views, and is very recommendable for a day boat trip from other nearby spots. There are boat trips from other islands on a constant basis, some of the offering guided tours by the fortress, being this a plus for all those who wish to learn about its interesting and peculiar history while visiting it.

The fortress of Spinalonga Island was constructed in the Venetian times with the purpose of helping with the defense of Crete. This fortress is located towards the north western area of the island, and is, without any doubt one of the most interesting spots tourists can visit in that region of Greece.

In its first years of existence, the fortress of Spinalonga Island was used for protecting the area from pirates and potential Turkish invasions. Between 1670 and 1720, this place became a protection spot for Venetians and people from other origins who were escaping from a wide range of situations.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, Spinalonga Island’s fortress became populated mainly by Muslims, although there would also be inhabitants from other origins as well. Later, at beginnings of the 20th century, this fortress became a leper colony, a circumstance that endured until the year 1957, when the leper cure was founded and the island became uninhabited.

As it can be seen, this island counts with a very rich and interesting history, being this factor the main one turning it into a very attractive destination for tourists. The Spinalonga Island is a must for every tourist who visit that area of Greece, and especially for those who are fond of disciplines such as architecture, design, history, and anthropology among others.

Map of the Spinalonga Island in Greece