The commune of Clejani

Clejani is a Romanian commune, located at approximately 40 km from the central area of Bucharest, which is inhabited by about 3000 people. All those tourists who have a vacation in Romania and wish to visit this commune could easily find it towards the southern area of Bucharest, on the Danube Plains and within the region known as Vlasca, next to the border with Bulgaria.

The commune or town of Clejani is renown by its gypsy musicians, known as the Roma’s, and has been the birth place of famous bands such as the Mahala Rai Banda or the Taraful Haiducilor. Some world wide famous bands, such as Taraf Haidouks, were born and live in Clejani when they are not in a tour or traveling around.

Clejani is a must for any tourist who visits Romania and is interested on music and arts in general. Visiting Clejani can be a great chance to learn about the Gypsy culture from the inside, meet its people and their every day life, try their traditional dishes and beverages, and listen to their music since playing music and dancing is among their preferred hobbies.

The town of Clejani is near many other interesting towns and communities. Among the most attractive nearby towns tourists could find when going to Clejani, there is, for example, Vadu Lat, Ciuruleasa, Anghelesti, Podisor, Mariuta, Podu Doamnei, Milcovatu, and Sterea. Besides this, it is interesting to know that visitors can easily travel from most of these towns to Clejani by train or bus, and in case of having any doubt on how to go, they could go to a local tourist information center where they can offer detailed directions and guidance to reach this and any other spot in Romania.

The best time of the year to visit Clejani, as well as any other location in Bucharest and its surroundings is during summer time, between June and August. During summer time, this destination offers moderated temperatures with some breezes or winds towards the coast. During winter time, and especially between November and February, this destination offers low temperatures which might not be the most propitious for those tourists who wish to visit many different open air spots and walk around.

Map of Clejani in Hungary