The Village Museum of Bucharest

The Village Museum is a peculiar open air attraction tourists should not miss while being in Bucharest during a vacation in Romania. The extension of the Village Museum is very impressive and occupies more than 100.000 m2. When going to it, visitors could meet very interesting ethnographic exhibitions and learn about the history of Romania as well as its traditional villages and their everyday life.

The Village Museum has more than 270 traditional Romanian houses and peasant farms, and is one of the most entertaining and interesting ways to learn about the history and traditions of the country. While walking around and meeting it, tourists could meet, for example, traditional Romanian churches, water mills, wind mills, furniture, carpets, rugs, and pottery, among many other interesting objects and structures.

Besides the interesting traditional objects and constructions visitors can meet in the Village Museum, they could also meet its usually very friendly inhabitants and observe their everyday life, full of traditional activities. The experience of meting this museum is often described as extremely special and unique, and is many times considered to be one of the most peculiar and attractive museums of the world.

The Village Museum can be found towards the shore of the Herastrau Lake of Bucharest, and tourists who do not know how to go to it should not worry since almost any Romanian could provide them with directions and guide them on how to go. Besides this, there are several tourist information centers spread throughout the city in which tourists could find answers to any doubt they might have about this and any other attraction.

Most of the constructions and farms of the Village Museum are original and were brought in pieces from their original places and re-constructed in their actual location. Some of these constructions and houses are from as long ago as the 17th century and meeting them together at one same place is a privilege tourists should not miss. This attraction is a must for all visitors who travel to Bucharest, since no matter what their age or preferences are, they will surely enjoy it.