The Palace of Parliament

The Palace of Parliament of Bucharest, originally known as the Casa Popotului or House of the People is a very impressive building of amazing dimensions, considered to be one of the largest of its kind in the entire world. This way, it is very recommendable that tourists who have a vacation in Romania do not miss meet this construction, since it is not only extremely interesting due to its size and architecture, but also to its past and its strong relation with the recent history of the country.

The building of the Palace of Parliament has a height of 86 meters above ground and 92 meters under ground, with a width of 240 meters and a length of 270 meters. The construction of this building involved 3500 metric tons of crystal, 900,000 m2 of wood, 700,000 tons of bronze and steel, 1 million m2 of marble, 1410 lights, more than 475 chandeliers, and 200,000 m2 of carpets, among other materials.

From the point of view of architectural style, the Palace of Parliament is rather hectic. This building combines a wide variety of styles, with different motifs, ornaments, and structural elements. Besides this, it is interesting to know that all the materials that compose this construction are Romanian, being this considered to be one of its main peculiarities, although it clearly has many others.

The Palace of Parliament can be found on the Uranus Hill, also called Spirii Hill or Arsenal Hill, where the Unirii Boulevard ends. Tourists who wish to visit this building would surely be able to easy find it by asking for directions to any Romanian, since this is one of the most renown and famous constructions of not only Bucharest but the entire country as well.

This construction started being built in the year 1984, and still nowadays there are parts of it uncompleted. During its first years of life, The Palace of Parliament, then known as the House of the Republic, was home of the most important state institutions of Bucharest, but after the execution of Ceausescu in 1989 its destiny changed. Nowadays, and since 1994, this building is home of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania as well as it is used for conferences and important diplomatic events.

Map of the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest