The great Mt. Parnitha

Mount Parnitha, with a height of about 1413 meters, is the tallest of its kind in the Greek region of Attica and one of the major attractions in the area. This mountain was called Katharevousa in ancient Greece, and nowadays it is often known as Parnetha, Parnes and Parnis besides than Parnitha. This mountain is a natural beauty of such size that it can be seen from Athens and Eleusius among other spots.

Mt. Parnitha is ideal for those tourists who enjoy hiking, walking, and sports in general as well as for those who like being in touch with the nature. There are several hiking paths marked in Mt Parnitha within the area known as Mount Parnitha National Park. Besides this, it is also interesting to have in mind that tourists who visit the mountain can also find two main mountain shelters known as Bafi and Flambouri.

One of the most attractive characteristics of Mt. Parnitha is the amazing amount and wide variety of natural elements it has. This mountain recognized as a National Park, counts with more than 800 different types of fauna and flora. This way, visitors who go to this mountain could meet many different animals such as per example rabbits, foxes and deer, as well as many plants, flowers and trees.

Mount Parnitha also has several caves which would be a delight to those visitors who enjoy exploring them. There are about 20 different caves spread within the mountain, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and amazing natural environments. This way, those tourists who like adventurous activities and sports would be able to have a great time in this destination.

Tourists who wish to explore Mt Parnitha without hiking can easily do so as well due to the fact that it counts on cable cars which could take them to different major spots in the mountain. This way, visitors can reach spots such as the mountain’s casino or the hotel, as well as several other interesting spots by cable car. This mountain offers a wide variety of facilities and most visitors, no matter what their preferences are, would be able to have a great time at it.