The history of Badajoz

The city of Badajoz is located in the Spanish region of Extremadura, on the left side of the River Guadiana, near the frontier with Portugal. This city has a population of about 140,000 people and is known as the capital of the Province of Badajoz. Badajoz has been a strategic spot since its foundation which has caused it to go through several different confrontations and problems.

Badajoz is known throughout the region and in Portugal due to its industries since it distributes a variety of products not only within Extremadura and other areas of Spain but also in Portugal and other countries. Among the main products this town produces there are, per example, leather, wool, linen, and a variety of pottery related objects.

During the XI century, Badajoz was named the capital town of a Moorish kingdom. After that, this area became ruled by the Portuguese for a short period of time around the year 1168. After this, Badajoz became independent for some decades until 1230 when it became ruled b Alfonso IX of Castile and León.

Due to its strategic location and to the fact that it became a frontier fortress, this town was often a centre of fights and disputes among different forces. This way, Badajoz offers a very rich historic past and tourists could learn something interesting or anecdotic at almost each corner they might visit in the town.

Around the year 1812, Badajoz went through one of its main historical moments when the Duke of Wellington tried to take Badajoz under his power. Between March and April the town went through different battles and confrontations, which would lead to the victory of the Duke of Wellington.

Next in its history full of confrontations and towards 1884, Badajoz went through a failed republican rising. Then, while the Spanish Civil War was going on, Badajoz was taken by the group known as the Nationalists. This way, it is very easy to notice the fact that this town has gone through a great amount of obstacles and problems which can still be seen through its culture and appearance.

Map of Badajoz in Spain