The city of Guadalupe

Guadalupe is located within the Spanish region of Extremadura, at about 140 miles or 225 kilometers to the south west from Madrid and 117 miles or 188 kilometers to the west of Toledo. This city or village is one of the most picturesque and colorful tourists could find in this area of the country and it is a town very rich in history as well.

The main attraction Guadalupe offers is the town itself and its charming appearance, due to its peculiar construction, its narrow streets, and its overall historic and magical environment. Besides this, Guadalupe also has some interesting spots and constructions as well as it offers a variety of beautiful sights tourists can enjoy while walking around.

One tourist attraction impossible to miss while being in Guadalupe is the Plaza Mayor, the town’s main square. This square is a central spot not only for tourists but for local people as well due to the fact that they are used to meet and relax in it. Besides this, it is also interesting to have in mind that the Town Hall is located by this Plaza Mayor as well, where tourists can approach looking for any information they might need regarding Guadalupe and its surroundings.

Guadalupe shows picturesque narrow streets with buildings facing each other at each side in such a way that people can have a conversation with each other from their balconies. This is very appealing and provides this town with a very special and magical personality.

Another interesting spot tourists should not miss in this town is the Statue of Santa Maria de Guadalupe brought to the country by the Muslims during the 8th century and becoming one of the most venerated icons in the region.. The statue of Santa Maria de Guadalupe can be seen in the Franciscan Friary, an interesting antique construction very rich in history and past events.

One interesting thing to know about Guadalupe is the fact that the final documents which authorized Columbus’ first voyage. This way, while being in Guadalupe Queen Isabel signed the final document authorizing this venture of Columbus in which the New World would be discovered.

Map of Guadalupe in Spain