The Lassithi Plateau

The Lassithi Plateau is a very fertile and productive area located within the eastern side of Greek region of Crete. The first inhabitants of this place can be traced back to as long ago as the year 6000 BC, and therefore it is very rich in history and counts with many interesting past facts and unique ancient constructions.

In this destination, history and nature combine in such a unique way that causes it to be one of the less known but more appealing spots in the eastern area of Crete. This way, it is very recommendable that all those tourists who plan to visit that region of Greece try to dedicate some hours for meeting this charming spot.

Lassithi Plateau’s economy is mainly based on the richness and fertility of its lands. This fertility is explained by the way in which the lands receive melted snow during spring and their height among other factors. A variety of products are grown within this area and many of them exported to other locations. Among the main products Lassithi Plateau exports, we can name, for example, apples, potatoes, and almonds.

The Lasithi Plateau is one of the highest areas tourists could visit in Crete. This allows visitors to enjoy a unique view on the surroundings as well as the beautiful landscape offered by the plateau itself, due to the fact that it counts with several beautiful green extensions and some snow spots in the background spread now and then.

One of the most attractive and charming elements visitors could observe in the Lassithi Plateau is its windmills. This spot has many windmills spread now and then throughout its territory, providing it with an extra charming appearance. These windmills work with the purpose of watering an area of the plain that comprehends about 24000 km2.

There have been several excavations conducted throughout the territory of the Lassithi Plateau, allowing archaeologists to deduct that this area was already inhabited as long ago as in the Neolithic times. These excavations have also brought to light the fact that several different groups of people from a variety of origins have settled in the Lassithi Plateau at different times of its history, such as, for example, Dorians, Minoans, Venetians, and Lyttos, among others.

Map of Lassithi Plateau in Greece