The port town of Sitia

Sitia is an attractive Greek port town located within the eastern area of Crete, in the prefecture of Lasithi. This is an ancient town, which has been inhabited for over three millenniums, and therefore every tourist who enjoys historic places will surely be able to have a great time while visiting Sitia.

The first settlement Sitia had dates from as long ago as the year 1050 BC. This date is provided based on some discoveries brought to light after several archaeological excavations, which allowed scientists to deduct the existence of inhabitants in this area during the Minoan times.

The Venetians also were inhabitants of this town during the period of time in which they settled in several other spots within Crete. During the époque when Sitia was inhabited by the Venetians, this town went through three subsequent destructions, one caused by an earthquake, one by a pirate attack, and one by the Venetians fighting against the Turks.

After the Venetians left, and for two centuries, between 1655 and 1865, Sitia was uninhabited. After that blank period of time, a group of farmers settled in Sitia, turning it into an attractive and successful town. Nowadays, tourists can still observe several constructions dating from each major époque this town went through and learn about their different inhabitants.

One of the main constructions visitors can meet in Sitia, if not the main, would be the Fortress of Kazarma. The Fortress of Kazarma is an antique construction that dates from the Venetian times and is conserved in such a great way that tourists can still observe many of its original characteristics. Besides this, this fortress also offers amazing sights over the surroundings due to its location overlooking the harbor.

Despite of its interesting past and constructions, Sitia is visited by only a few tourists each year in comparison to other nearby destinations. This aspect causes it to be even more appealing, since Sitia hasn’t have to adapt to tourism and it is easier for visitors to walk around and interact with the local people while observing the town’s traditional everyday life.

Map of Sitia in Greece