The Spinalonga Peninsula

The Spinalonga Peninsula is located within the Greek region of Crete, opposite to the destination of Elounda. The roots of name Spinalonga can be found in Elounda, due to the fact that its origins came from the term “Stin Elounda”, which means at Elounda, and which through the pass of time has been transformed into Spinalonga.

The Spinalonga Peninsula can be easily reached from Elounda due to the fact that there are boat trips connecting both spots on a daily basis. The main attraction of this Peninsula is the Islet of Spinalonga, a small island that can be located towards the northern area of the peninsula, and which is very recommendable for any tourist who wishes to meet a beautiful place on a day tour.

One of the most interesting things and main spots tourists tend to visit in the Spinalonga Peninsula is the fortress. The walls of this fortress, built around the year 1572, can be seen from very far, and turn it into one of the biggest and strongest constructions of its kind in the entire Crete, being this way very attractive from the point of view of architecture as well as from the point of view of history.

The Castle of the island of Spinalonga, in the Peninsula, became a leper colony from 1902 until 1957. Due to this fact, this island is often known or referred to as the Isle of Tears, and despite of its sad past, receives a large amount of visitors on a daily basis who approach attracted by its interesting history and attractive constructions.

Despite of the past that the Spinalonga Peninsula is often known by its architecture and history, this area has more to offer due to the fact that it also counts with beautiful natural spots and amazing landscapes. While visiting this area of Crete, tourists could enjoy some amazing sea landscapes and beaches as well as attractive green areas spread now and then throughout the Peninsula.

Tourists can easily visit the Spinalonga Peninsula and its island on boat tours from other destinations such as Plaka, Elounda, and Agios Nikolaos among others. This is the kind of spot tourists should make sure of visiting while being nearby due to a variety of reasons but mainly the richness of its architecture and its interesting history.

Map of the Spinalonga Peninsula in Greece