Montaña Palentina

Montaña Palentina is located towards the central area of Spain, within the region of Castilla y León, more specifically in the Provincia de Palencia.

This area is very interesting and offers some unique peculiarities tourists could hardly meet at other spots as well as it shows some of the most magnificent sights of the entire region.

Panoramic view of the mountain peaks of Montaña Palentina in Spain.
Montaña Palentina

The beautiful landscapes of Montaña Palentina

The area of Montaña Palentina consists on a unique combination of natural elements with human establishments, full of beautiful landscapes and interesting cultural traditions.

According to the information given by numbers, Montaña Palentina has a surface of around 1,700 square kilometers in which about 28,000 people inhabits, showing a distribution of 16,7 inhabitants per km2.

Agriculture and live stock

Montaña Palentina has different 18 municipal divisions, although it works as a unity in many ways. This region is united by a main source of income based on agriculture and live stock, which have always been the base of this area’s economical movements.

This area is very fertile and shows large green extensions full of cultivations and live stock spread at it as well.

The beautiful Montaña Palentina in Spain with the espigüete and curavacas.

Tourism in Montaña Palentina

Besides agriculture and live stock, Montaña Palentina is gaining a new source of income based on tourism. Tourism has become another important aspect of this region, due to the fact that an important amount of visitors is being more and more attracted to this spot and it is becoming widely known by it as well.

Within the region of Montaña Palentina there are two important hydrologic current which are source of power for many industries within its surroundings as well as for others located far from it. This way, there is a variety of different reasons by which this area is known throughout the country and by which tourists usually feel attracted to it.

This region provides an amazing mixture of green, blue, brown, and grey mixed in a very charming and unique way, creating a landscape worthwhile to be enjoyed and explored.

Those tourists who enjoy meeting beautiful places, rich in natural elements and where they could breathe an amazing pure air, should make sure of visiting Montaña Palentina, which could be a great stop while meeting different towns and cities.

Map of Montaña Palentina in Spain