Rio Duero and its lands

Rio Duero is a River which splits a region in two main areas: the Tierra del Vino or Wine Land and the Tierra del pan or Bread Land. The area of Tierra del Pan is located towards the northern side of Rio Duero and Tierra del Vino can be found in the southern side.

Rio Duero is among the three longest rivers of the Iberian Peninsula. This River goes from the Sierre de Urbión to the Atlantic Ocean, crossing the Numantian Plateau and the northern region of Portugal on its way. This rives gives name to one of the main regions of Castilla y León.

One of the most interesting spots of Rio Duero is the city of Peñafiel. The city of Peñafiel has an antique spot called Plaza Mayor which has been used for bull fights since the middle Ages when it was constructed. This place is surrounded by balconies and nowadays, visitors could still witness a bull fight at it sometimes.

Another very interesting place to visit while being in Rio Duero and its surroundings is the Peñafiel Wine Museum. The Peñafiel Wine Museum is not only interesting due to the data and information it provides about wine but also due to the fact that it is located in an antique construction, a castle built during the XI century and from which visitors can have some great sights on the surroundings.

The region of Rio Duero combines natural elements with historical events and constructions in a unique way. While being in this area, tourists could meet not only ancient buildings and constructions but also enjoy some of the most beautiful sights and landscapes of the region and relax while being surrounded by an amazing environment.

Weather in this area can be variable depending on the time of the year and the specific spot. This way, it is always recommendable for visitors to find out which weather conditions they could expect at any specific season before going to Rio Duero or any other spot within Castilla y León in order to be properly prepared for it.

Map of Rio Duero in Spain