The neighborhood of Lavapies

Lavapies is one of the most peculiar and traditional neighborhoods of Madrid, unique due to its characteristics. This neighborhood has been traditionally seen as a poor district where many antique Spanish traditions and many cultural expression forms inherent to this country can be observed.

The neighborhood of Lavapies is very rich in not only Spanish traditions but also in mixing them with other cultures through the combination of immigrants from different origins. This is a great place for visitors who wish to learn about the Spanish culture, its people, its traditions and its every day life.

Lavapies is also characterized by offering several restaurants where people can enjoy a typical meal, prepared in a traditional way by local people and without spending much money. Not only tourists, but people from Madrid who approach from many different spots go to Lavapies in order to enjoy a good and traditional meal in a relaxing environment.

Restaurants in Lavapies are not only a great place for enjoying typical Spanish dishes, but also to meet local people and learn about their culture and about others. While going to a restaurant in Lavapies, tourists could meet people from many different cultures, such as Chinese, Gypsies, Africans, South Americans and Spanish among many others.

Those tourists who wish to find dishes from other cultures could also find what they are looking for in the district of Lavapies. Due to the great diversity of cultures that live in this neighborhood, finding meals from almost any origin is very easy. This way, this spot is ideal for having dinner without spending much money and by choosing among a wide variety of options.

Lavapies is a spot ideal for those visitors who wish to find simplicity and relax while forgetting about any formality and enjoy its restaurants and a great nightlife. This neighborhood is characterized by leaving any formal manners aside and showing a very relaxed attitude. Those visitors who wish to have fun in a easy going way, enjoy good meals and traditional drinks, and find pubs, bars, discos and other places open all night long, should visit this neighborhood.

Map of Lavapies in Madrid