The Plaza de España – Madrid

The Plaza de España, meaning Spain Square, is a green open area which contrasts with the great amount of high buildings which surrounds it. This way, this spot is almost a relief for those who spend an important amount of time surrounded by buildings and need to be in touch with nature and see the sky. This is a place which offers very different characteristics than most other Madrid attractions would, since its main attraction is the way it allows visitors to enjoy nature, while most of the other attractions of the city are based on constructions, buildings and monuments.

Besides its green extension, the Plaza de España also has some other interesting characteristics to observe. One of these characteristics is the fact that it contains a pool and is seen as a recreational spot by people from Madrid. People of all ages, from children to mature people as well as couples and families can be seen spending some time in this square and relaxing while being surrounded by trees and some fresh air.

The Plaza de España has an interesting monument located near by the pool and which symbolizes Spain as a whole and its traditions. This monument was created with the purpose of celebrating the Spanish culture and is one of the main characteristics of not only the square but of all this area of Madrid as well.

During summer days, this square or park is one of the most visited spots in this area of Madrid due to the ideal environment it provides. During such days, Plaza de España becomes a very enjoyable spot, and almost unique due to the way in which people can enjoy some fresh air while being under a tree and relaxing.

Plaza de España was created and designed by Mateo Inurria and Teodoro Anasagasti. The main monument was built and added to the square later, towards the year 1929. Since its origins, this square has been always enjoyed by not only local people but also by visitors and tourists who wish to have a break from meeting constructions and buildings.

Street View of Plaza de España in Madrid