The history of Habsburg Madrid

Habsburg Madrid or Madrid de las Austrias is a peculiar spot in the city characterized by having many of its constructions built during the époque in which Spain was governed by the Habsburg Empire. This way, this spot is very particular not only due to its architectural characteristics but to its past and history as well.

Although there is an area of the city which concentrates several constructions from the Habsburg époque, there are buildings dating from that period spread throughout the entire city. Many of the most interesting constructions tourists could find where built during those years or are strongly related to that époque due to their history.

Those tourists who wish to meet interesting constructions and observe buildings appealing from an architectonic point of view, should make sure of visiting the Habsburg Madrid. Habsburg Madrid has constructions which show styles typical from the Renaissance and the Baroque architecture, being not only interesting due to their structures but to their ornaments and art work pieces as well.

There are several constructions belonging to Habsburg Madrid or dating from the Habsburg époque. One of these constructions is the Monasterio de la Encarnacion or Encarnacion Monastery, a very interesting building visitors should not miss. Near this monastery there is other place to visit, the Palacio de Uceda or Uceda Palace built during the Habsburg époque as well.

The Plaza de la Villa and its surroundings is a spot which shows several constructions dating from the Habsburg époque. Among these constructions located within the surroundings of Plaza de la Villa there is Casa Cisneros or Cisneros House, Torre de Lujanes or Tower of Lujanes, and the Casa de la Villa. All these spots are very interesting and strongly related to Habsburg Madrid.

The Plaza Mayor and its surroundings also have some interesting buildings dating from the Habsburg époque. Within this area, tourists could find constructions such as la Catedral de San Isidro or the Cathedral of San Isidro and some other buildings dating from different historic periods such as Lope de Vega’s house or the old Bakery house and the old butchery which are very peculiar spots as well.