Madrid and its Gran Via

The Gran Via in Madrid is one of the major roads of the city and which contains some of the most interesting and attractive tourist attractions and recreational spots of the area. This road or street marks one of the main and central spots of Madrid in which there is always people, traffic and movement, no matter the time of the day or night.

One of the main characteristics and attractions of La Gran Via is its wide amount and variety of shops. This road offers many different shops, some of them from world wide famous designers and trade marks and some others from local ones, allowing people to be up to the date not only regarding world fashion but regarding local designs and products as well.

Tourists who wish to meet some cinemas and theatres would also be able to do so while visiting la Gran Via. There are several theaters, cinemas and other entertainment related spots spread throughout this road in such a way that visitors could always have fun, during day as well as in nights. There also are many cafes and restaurants where tourists could have a break and enjoy a nice meal or a coffee while watching Madrid’s every day life as well as meet some local people who, most of the times, would be willing to share any information regarding the city you may wish to ask.

Besides its shops and theaters, La Gran Via is also famous by its constructions. This road has many amazing constructions, many of which show unique characteristics and were built by some of the best architects and designers of the last century. This way, those who enjoy disciplines such as architecture and design, and wish to meet peculiar places while being in Madrid should make sure of meeting La Gran Via.

La Gran Via was built between 1904 and 1929 with the goal of connect the Plaza de España with the Calle de Alcalá. In order to achieve this, several buildings and constructions had to be demolished, and several years would pass since the road started being planned, during the middle decades of the XIX century, and when it was finally constructed in 1929.

Steet View of Gran Via in Madrid