The port town of Evdilos

Evdilos is a port town in the island of Icaria, within the Greek region of the north eastern Aegean Islands. This town is different from most of the other spots visitors can meet in Icaria and the other surrounding islands due to the fact that its origins only date from around the year 1830. But, despite of its lack of antique constructions or traditions, Evdilos is very attractive and worthwhile being visited during a vacation in Greece in this region of the Aegean Islands.

The town of Evdilos as it is known nowadays was born around the year 1830. Soon after it was born, this town became very popular and important in the entire island, in such a way that it actually became known as the first capital of Evdilos. Nowadays, Evdilos is considered to be the second most important port town of Icaria and the main town in the western, central, and northern area of the island.

The community of Evdilos, composed by several settlements, among which we can name, for example, Manganitis, Arethousa, Karavostamo, Frandato, and Dafni, counts with a permanent population of approximately 2400 inhabitants. All these settlements, besides the main one that surrounds the port, are very attractive and charming, and tourists should try to visit and meet as many of them as possible during their vacation in Icaria.

This town is characterized by offering a very picturesque appearance composed by narrow streets and houses ornamented with flowers built around the port. Despite of its age, the architecture of Evdilos is considered to be the most traditional tourists could find in the entire island, due to the design of its streets and houses and to the fact that, as a whole, it conserves the style of a typical Greek port town.

The name of this town, Evdilos, is very representative of its appearance since it means “free and open horizon” or “visible horizon”, and is exactly the kind of landscape it provides from almost any spot due to its amphitheatric design. This way, it is possible to say that Evdilos offers amazing landscapes when approaching to it by the sea, as well as when being in it and observing the port and coastlines.

Map of Evdilos in Greece