The serene Ikaria

Ikaria is a serene and tranquil island located towards the central area of the north eastern Aegean Islands, in Greece. This island has had different names throughout its history, such as for example, Nikaria or Doliche, and its actual name derives from the mythological son of Daedalus who is said to have fallen into the sea of this destination.

The appearance of Ikaria is among the most varied ones that tourists could find when they travel to the north eastern Aegean Islands for a vacation in Greece. The appearance and landscapes of Ikaria are mainly composed by green slopes, steeps, rocky beaches, and mountains as well as by some small villages spread now and then.

The island of Ikaria has been inhabited since as long ago as around the year 7000 BC. During that époque, this island was inhabited by the Pelasgians, a group of pre-Hellenic Neolithic people. The next important fact historians have about Ikaria is that towards the year 740 BC it became populated by a Group of Greeks who settled the area of Campos naming it Oenoe.

During the 6th century BC the Temple of Artemis, one of the most interesting attractions that can be found nowadays in the north eastern Aegean Islands, was built. This Temple was constructed at the sacred place of Nas, and remained completely unchanged until the 19th century, when it went through some repairs.

The history of Ikaria is full of important events and its population has gone through many difficult moments. Throughout its history, this island has gone through several wars, a 400 years occupation, poverty, and even starvation. This difficult history has caused the inhabitants of the island to be a very united population who loves and is very proud of their home land. Ikarians are usually described as people who love being in their home land specially when it is with their family of friends.

While being in Ikaria visitors could meet a wide variety of towns and communities. Among the most interesting or picturesque towns tourists would find in this island, we can name, for example, Armenistis, Karavostamo, Frantato, Agios Polykarpos, Lapsachades, Dafni, Fournoi Korseon, Panagia, and Nas.

Map of Ikaria in Greece