The tranquil Agios Efstratios

Agios Efstratios, in the area of the north eastern Aegean Islands, is one of the quietest and peaceful destinations tourists could meet when traveling to that region for a vacation in Greece. This island, also known as Saint Eustratius or Bozbaba, can be found near other attractive islands such as Lesbos and Limbos and is great for all those visitors who wish to have a relaxing vacation while also being able to easily travel to other more exciting spots for the day.

The island of Agios Efstratios has a population of no more than 300 inhabitants, which clearly reflects the peacefulness that can be felt in this destination. The economical resources of these inhabitants are based on fishing and related activities, since due to the small size and reduced amount of tourists this island counts on tourism can not be considered a major source of income.

According to the experts, Agios Efstratios became an island after it emerged from the Aegean Sea in the Homeric times. Besides this, it is believed that through its first years of existence, this island was known as Nea, or New, in reference to the way it had appeared. It is also believed that this island was first inhabited in the pre historic period and archaeologists have discovered several objects, such as coins, pieces of sculptures and columns, which show this belief to be true.

Agios Efstratios is famous by being where the famous Greek artists Jimmy Tsiblis lived and created many of his most important art works. Among the most famous pieces created by Jimmy Tsiblis while he lived in Agios Efstratios there is the collection of poems called The End of The Start, or To Telos tis Arhis in its original language.

This island counts with the peculiarity of being the only small island in not only the Aegean archipelago but all Europe that has an Opera House. This way, this Opera House is among the main attractions offered by this destination and a must to all tourists who visit it. Besides this, it might be interesting to know that Jimmy Tsiblis was president of this Opera house for almost 12 years, and an important number of great plays have been hosted in it.

Map of Agios Efstratios in Greece