Thasos and its history

Thasos is one of the north eastern Aegean Islands, and a great choice for all those tourists who wish to have a vacation in Greece at a place which counts with very rich historical past as well as interesting antique constructions. This island, and specially its main town called Limenas, is very charming and full of attractive spots and landscapes as well as it usually is very peaceful, providing the perfect environment for a relaxing vacation.

According to historians, Thasos was colonized by the Phoenicians at a much earlier time than most of the neighboring islands which were colonized as well. It is believed that this early colonization took place due to the gold mines Thasos had. It might also be interesting to know that when the Phoenicians arrived, Thasos already had one of the most antique constructions built in the Aegean Islands: the Temple of Heracles.

Other important moment in the history of Thasos took place between the years 720 and 710 BC. During those years, this island became inhabited and ruled by a group of people from Paros. In the following years and centuries, this island was controlled by many different groups or rulers, most of whom who would approach attracted by its gold mines. Among these rulers, we can name, for example, Thracians, Persians, Athenians, Lacedaemonians, Romans, Latins, and Turks.

Nowadays, Thasos belongs to the Greek prefecture of Kavala and has a population of approximately 14,000 inhabitants. The economical resources of these inhabitants are based on a wide range of activities and products, among which there are, for example, olive oil production, sheep herding, wine production, goat herding, production of honey, fishing, marble and zinc mining, and tourism, among others.

When visiting Thasos and trying to meet as much as possible of its 380 km2 of territory, tourists could meet many different towns and communities, most of which have attractive spots and peculiar things to offer. Some of these towns and communities are: Kalyves, Krini, Potos, Aliki, Limenaria, Potamia, Astris, Kastro, Panagia, Kinira, Kallirachi, Sotiris, Skala Sotiros, Skala Kallirachis, and Skala Rachinou, among several others.

Map of Thasos in Greece