Some facts about Psara

Psara is a Greek island that is part of the north eastern Aegean Islands. This island is located at about 23 kilometers from Khios and approximately 150 kilometers from Athens, and is a very attractive choice to all those tourists who wish to travel to this archipelago for a vacation in Greece.

This island has a population of no more than 1000 inhabitants, most of who live at its main and practically unique town. This island has a length of about 7 km and a width of around 8 km, with a total territory of approximately 43 km2. The municipality of Psara also includes other small island called Antipsara, which is other spot tourists should try to meet during their visit to this destination, since it offers an almost completely unspoiled nature and amazing landscapes.

According to historians, Psara has been inhabited since as long ago as the Mycenaean period. Since its origins the sea has provided the inhabitants of this island with their main source of income, and although nowadays tourism is becoming an important source as well, the importance of that traditional activity remains unchanged.

Psara has gone through several important historical events throughout its life, and especially during the 19th century. During the 19th century, and most exactly in the year 1821, this island joined what is known as the Greek War of Independence. A few years after that, between the years 1824 and 1825, it became invaded and controlled by the Egyptians, being this one of the most difficult and critical times in the history of this island.

During the invasion of the Egyptians, the island of Psara went through very difficult moments and a great amount of its inhabitants had to move to other neighboring islands or farer places. The Greeks came to fight for Psara, and after a massacre that left more than 15,000 of them dead, they finally succeeded in their purpose. After that, and when the invaders left, the island went through some years of desolation, and then it slowly started recovering, until being the peaceful and attractive destination nowadays is.

Map of Psara in Greece