Limenas, in a gulf

Limenas is a very charming town that can be found in the recess of a gulf in the island of Thasos. This town is one of the most attractive and cosmopolitan spots tourists can visit during a vacation in Greece in the north eastern Aegean Islands. It is almost important to know that Limenas is considered to be the main commercial and administrative center of Thasos, and therefore it is easy to imagine that it is one of the liveliest and most active spots in the island.

While being in Limenas, visitors would find a wide variety of activities to do and almost any facility they might need to be comfortable. This town has several hotels, shops, restaurants, taverns, a bus station, a police office, several banks, and a phone company, among others.

Limenas is also very interesting from the point of view of archaeology. While being in this town, tourists could meet a variety of unique ruins of ancient constructions as well as a local museum where many archaeological discoveries related to the past of not only this town but the entire island and its surroundings are exhibited.

The town of Limenas has the peculiarity of having two ports, known as the old port and the new port. These ports are located near the down town area and the Central Plaza, and are one of the most active spots in the island. The Central Plaza of Limenas is where the Town Hall is located as well as a variety of other important buildings and shops, and is a very lively spot during day as well as in night.

Next to the Central Plaza, visitors could meet the remains of the Old Christian Basilica, as well as some remains from a mosaic that was created as long ago as in the 2nd century. Other interesting place tourists can visit in Limenas is the Cathedral of St. Nikolaos. The Cathedral of St. Nicholaos was built around the year 830 in the same place where some ruins of more antique constructions used to be and is very interesting from the point of view of architecture and design.