Kamariotissa – A port town

Kamariotissa is the main port town in the island of Samothraki, one of the most attractive destinations visitors can meet during a vacation in Greece in the north eastern Aegean Islands. This town can be found towards the north western side of Samothraki, and despite of the fact that it is not the most attractive spot in the island, it is worth to be visited.

The port town of Kamariotissa is where an important amount of the tourists who visit Samothraki first arrive, and therefore provides the first impression these visitors have on the island. There are ferries and boats transporting people from a variety of nearby spots to Kamariotissa and Samothraki such as from Kavala or Alexandropoulis, and vice versa, on a constant basis.

One of the main things visitors should not miss in Kamariotissa is its taverns and local food. This port town has several taverns offering home made local food, such as omelets cooked with fresh eggs, home made cheese, and traditional Greek drinks which tourists should not miss.

Palaiopoli is one of the most attractive spots visitors can meet near Kamariotissa. Palaiopoli, or the Old Town, is located at approximately six kilometers to the north western area of Kamariotissa and has several attractive antique constructions and remains, such as for example, the main archaeological museum of Samothraki and the Sanctuary of the Great Gods.

The Sanctuary of the Gods, in the Old Town of Kamarotissa is one of the most interesting spots of not only Samothraki but all the north eastern Aegean Islands’ region as well. This sanctuary was a very important place of worship to the Cabeiri in the Ancient Greek times and the Roman times. Besides this, this temple was also used to worship the gods of fertility and in order to ask for divine protection.

It is also interesting to know that the Sanctuary of the gods was where the marble statue called Winged Victory, known as the most excellent example of Hellenistic Greek sculpture, used to be. This sculpture has an impressive height of 8 feet and nowadays can be visited at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Map of Kamariotissa in Greece