The beautiful Timis Valley

The Timis Valley is a beautiful destination located within the Romanian region of the Banat, towards the border with Yogaslavia, near Predeal and the pass of the Prahova River. This valley offers outstanding natural spots and amazing landscapes, and is a great choice for all those tourists who wish to relax, breathe fresh air, and be close to the nature during a vacation in Romania.

During a visit to the beautiful Timis Valley, tourists would be able to meet several different towns and villages. Among these villages we can name, for example, Baile Herculane, Plugoya, Teregova, and Mechadia. Each one of them offers attractive spots and is full of interesting traditions, and is recommendable to try to meet as many of them as possible.

The Timis Valley is also located within the Timis County where several other cities and attractions can be found. This is the largest county in the entire Romania, and is named after the Timis River. This county is located next to the county of Caras Severin as well as near the Arad County, the Hunedoara County, Hungary, the Csongrad County, Serbia, and the North Banat district.

This area is considered to be one of the most active and dynamic ones from the point of view of economy. The Timis County receives a large number of foreign investments and is one of the most prosperous spots in the entire country due to not only that factor but also its strategic location and its industries. Among the main activities and industries on which this region bases its resources, we can name food industry, textile industry, electronic components, wood, and mechanical manufacturing.

Besides the Timis Valley, while being in this area of Romania visitors could also meet a large number of other appealing towns, cities and communes. Among these other interesting destinations visitors could find in the Timis County, there is, for example, Faget, Jimbolia, Ciacova, Buzias, Curtea, Peciu Nou, Tomnatic, Lecea Mare, Dudestii Noi, Sacosu Turcesc, Valcani, Traian Vuia, Masloc, Gottlob, Darova, Beba Veche, Remetea Mare, Topolovatu Mare, Victor Vlad Delamarina, Lovrin, Periam, Bama, Birda, and Bogda.